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    Default configuration of open files in Wildfly




      I am getting following lines in my log files:


      2017-01-11 02:32:46,940 WARN  [org.jboss.as.warn.fd-limit] JBAS015972: The operating system has limited the number of open files to 3072 for this process; a value of at least 4096 is recommended


      2017-01-11 02:26:21 [ServerService Thread Pool -- 34] WARN wildfly.extension.io  - WFLYIO005: Your system is configured with 3072 file descriptors, but your current application server configuration will require a minimum of 3192 (and probably more than that); attempting to adjust, however you should expect stability problems unless you increase this number


      My question is:

      From where wildfly take actual file descriptors configuration 4096 & 3192?? I didn't find it in configuration files.


      We are using Wildfly 8.2.0


      Thanks in advance.