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    wildfly loading partial module

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      I am trying to create a resource adapter. My resource adapter was working as long as the supplied jar was embedded within the ear file and the rar referenced it from the same classloader.

      For some reason ( to solve another issue) I created a global module for the jar, by placing it in the modules and putting the dependency in the related applications' jboss-deployment-descriptor.xml so there is only one place where this jar library can be referenced from. Now, Strangely, it loads the classes in the first package that it encounters the classes are in but it does not load the folders after that package and the classes in those folders.


      Caused by: org.jboss.jca.deployers.common.DeployException: IJ020060: Unable to inject: com.comp.integopn.ra.MyCompManagedConnectionFactory property: InteractionClass value: com.comp.integopn.ra.interactions.TxDirectInteraction


      When I verbose the ouput i see:

      [Loaded com.comp.integopn.ra.MyCompManagedConnectionFactory from jar:file:/C:/JAVA/WF9/wildfly-10.0.0.Final/modules/com/comp/common-progintegconnector/main/common-progintegconnector-1.6.jar!/]

      So it loads classes in  com.comp.integopn.ra package but not in com.comp.integopn.ra.interactions



      Why is it not loading the whole jar and all the classes and just the classes in the first package.


      my  resourceadapter configs:

                      <resource-adapter id="HnMRAConnectionFactory">






                              <connection-definition class-name="com.comp.integopn.ra.MyCompManagedConnectionFactory" jndi-name="java:/HnMRAConnectionFactory" pool-name="HnMRAConnectionFactory">

                                  <config-property name="Endpoint">



                                  <config-property name="InteractionClass">



                                  <config-property name="ManagedConnectionClass">