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    setting up basic JBoss EAP 6 cluster



      I have a task of clusterizing our portal solution running on JBoss EAP 6 (JBoss 7). To start with, provider is not giving any guaranteed clustering options, stating they don't support any. What they say - since it runs on JBoss in standalone mode, there shouldn't be any obstacles (no comment).


      The part of servers I am focusing on right now is synchronization manager - JBoss server in standalone mode, that doesn't run any front-end apart from JBoss admin console. It polls from MQ messaging system and feeds the data into the DB. No external call will be done to this server.

      It means no user session migration or anything similar.


      What we need is fairly simple - active/passive setup - if one server would go down, the other would start and vice versa.


      Since I am new to this technology, most tutorials I've found seem to cover user sessions load balancing/failover. Can anybody point me to right direction?

      Thank you in advance