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    Evaluate ModeShape for file storage.



      I am currently evaluating mode shape for my project. Basically we are looking for document management system , which should be able to:

      1. When a file is uploaded through our REST interface, it should be scanned for viruses before saving the file on server. (I didn't see any documentation, whether mode shape will directly support virus scanning of files before storing on node. Any input on best way to do this via mode shape).

      2. Maintain document versioning( This is the only reason i started looking at JCR specification and ended up with mode shape. Is Mode Shape over kill when all i want is store files and maintain versioning?)

      3. Do you think Mode Shape is good option for just Document management?


      Nice to haves:

      1. We are thinking of possible work flow(a process in which a chain of users is defined to review, approve or reject a document.) would be nice.

      2. Digital Document Signing.

      Does Mode Shape support or have plans to support these in future?


      These are crucial features we are looking for to get started with, Is mode shape a right choice?

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          I hope more members of the community chime in on the above topics; in the meantime, IMO:

          (1) ModeShape is a JCR Java implementation. There is no standardized Java API for interacting with antiviruses that I'm aware of (this is very much OS and AV product specific). So this is something which you'll have to implement/handle separately

          (2) is definitively possible with JCR & ModeShape. The downside is that JCR versioning is complicated and requires a lot of internal logic meaning that performance will not be ideal. It's up to you to determine (ideally by prototyping) if what ModeShape offers is good enough or not.

          (3)  Depends on what you mean by management: JCR is very powerful when it comes to things like query, metadata, schema etc. So if your uses case requires more than just "files on disk", it might work very well. If on the other hand you just want to do CRUD operations, then it might not warrant the complexity.


          The optional points (1) and (2) are not part of the JCR feature set, so most likely you'd have to come up with your own solution for them.

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            Hi Rohit,


            have you done with your analysis on mode shape. Can you please share your POC with me?

            Advance gratitude for your help.



            Vijay M