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    Applet to EJB communication

    Bernard Lavallee Newbie

      I am currently running JBoss-2.4.2_Tomcat-3.2.3. I have tried repeatedly to execute the sample applet to ejb code in your documentation written by Sacha Labourey. Unfortunately, I am encountering the same problem I've always encountered when using JBoss for applet to ejb development. The error I get is:

      noClassDefFound for org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory.

      This class is located in jnp-client.jar which is correctly placed inside Jboss. I'm sure it's security related because the exact same code runs fine from a servlet.

      Applet to EJB development is a viable approach for Intranet development and I don't quite understand why forum discussion on this issue seem to dodge it consistently by telling the inquirer to use servlets. A number of other app servers have conquered this issue. Weblogic, for example, poses no problems at all with applet to ejb development.

      Is the problem solved at JBoss or isn't it? If it is, why am I getting this problem?

      Thanks for any help