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    Learning JBoss and Mod_Cluster


      Hi folks,


      I just changed projects at work and now have to make friends with a cluster of hosts running jboss apps. I have never worked with these technologies and was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on how to get up to speed. I was wondering if there any good resources for a  total newbie? Everything I have looked at so far just launches straight into configuration file examples as if everything is totally obvious. I'm not that kind of person, I need high level concept in people language to understand what is going on before I start looking at configs to understand how the high level concept is implemented. "Jboss for dummies" I guess.
      Is there any prerequisite knowledge for learning JBoss? I am functionally proficient with Linux and can get by with Apache for serving web pages etc, certainly no expert and have basic network understanding, TCP/IP stack, switching and routing etc. Is there anything anyone would recommend reading up on to facilitate a better understanding of Jboss? I guess understanding the Java application/dev landscape couldn't hurt?

      Sorry if these questions come across as needy, I'm really just groping around in the dark at the moment!


      Many thanks in advance!!