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    User management via Management Console

    Hussain Akbar Newbie

      I am using Wildfly 19 on Windows.


      I created an admin user using the add-user.bat and can login to the management console.


      I want to use the management console exclusively so that my developers who need to deploy apps and stop / start the server would not need to use Windows Remote Desktop as that is a security weakness; with access to the Windows Desktop, it is very easy for things to get out of hand.


      If I create uses using the command line utility, they can log in to the console.


      However, can users not be created via the console itself? I see that there is an option there, but if I create a user using the console then (1) it does not prompt for a password, and (2) the newly created users can not login.


      Is there a video or written documentation available for user management via the console? If so, kindly provide the link.