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    Create Cache using pre-craeted Template using API (Remote cache)


      Hi All,


      We have been using infinispan cache in our development department. Now we need to go live with infinispan cache,


      Thing is that\, In development we have create one configuration template for development purpose.And for different development/local server, we are adding cache from UI site by selecting common create configuration template. So that every created Cache will have same configuration.


      However, We need to go Live now and We can not support all our client servers to create this cache manually from UI.  So Question is Can we add cache using pre-created template from Code pragmatically? Means Whenever infinispan remote manager will try to get cache which is not in infinispan server then it will add that cache using pre-created template?


      Note :  Please let me know if it is available in any stable version of infinispan


      Infinispan version: 8.2.3

      Type: distributed




      cc- nadirx