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    webserive with soap over jms doesn't support java ee injection


      Hi Developers,

      using the soap over jms pattern on a wildfly server (version 10) can't inject a java ejb3 instance.

      I'll tried to inject the ejb with some appoches of inject an resource annotations but none of them works properly!

      Each time the ebj reference was null


      @WebService( serviceName = "AddressbookJMSServiceEndpoint",

        targetNamespace = "http://bs.usu.de/services/examples/addressbook",

        portName = "AddressbookJMSPort",

        wsdlLocation = "addressbook-jms.wsdl")

      @XmlSeeAlso({ de.usu.bs.services.examples.addressbook.types.ObjectFactory.class, ObjectFactory.class })

      public class AddressbookServiceJMSProvider implements AddressbookJMSService {


        // Approches to bind/inject an EJB

        // 1. 


        // 2.


        // 3.


        // 4.


        // 5.


        AddressBookRemote addressbookEJB;






      Obviously CXF doesn't integrate the wildfly classloader ...


      Did someone faces this problem also?