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    Kerberos in JBOSS security realms question




      I am trying to use Kerberos authentication in one of the EJB3s deployed in JBOSS. JBOSS is version 6.2.

      I have setup the -D options in the JBOSS standalone xml to point to the krb5.conf and the jaas.conf. The issue I am currently facing is the application uses a (default) security real called "other", and the one I have setup with Kerberos is called "KRB". I have tried specifying the security domain in a jboss-ejb3.xml, but then the error is: JBAS014134: EJB Invocation failed on component ReverseStringEJB3Bean for method ...

      My next try would be to specify the security domain inside the java code with @SecurityDomain and so on.


      Any other ideas of what I might be doing wrong? Or suggestions on what else should I try?


      Thanks in advance,