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    Deploying application properties in a JBoss EAP 6 domain environment?

    Heinz Näf Newbie

      I'm not a JBoss application engineer and not a Java programmer, either. I'm dealing with JBoss and Tomcat Middleware from a System Engineering perspective.


      We are operating large JBoss Domain environments for customers, would like to put together the set of application properties (text file(s) with key/value pairs) pertaining to each application and deploy it from a JBoss Domain Controller to Server Groups completely separate from the application content. The application properties should then get unpacked as JBoss modules on the Slave Servers, e. g. in JBOSS_HOME/modules/System/layers/conf/ch/CUSTOMER/APPLICATION/main/.


      - Is it possible at all to get this working?

      - How do we have to put together the property file(s) so then can be deployed like the application content but will end up in the above module structure?

      - JAR, WAR or EAR?

      - JBoss Subdeployment?

      - Which XML description files do we have to supply, if any?


      Thanks in advance for your ideas, hints or even experiences.