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    Human Task Email Notifications


      Hi There,


      I have been struggling with the email notifications in human task.

      1. When a task is created, I want to send an automated email notification to the user. I don’t want to do it from my java code and wanted to use the human task to accomplish this.

      2. From the documentation I understood that I can use the task’s notifications property to configure this.

      a. If I want to send notification immediately is there any other way to do this instead of Type (I.e. not-started) + expires At (I.e. 1m) combination? As I read in V3 documentation “notify= true” property.

      b. Notifications takes the ‘user’ as input for the FROM and TO columns instead of email address. This brings me to my next questions how to map USER/organizationalentity with email address. Please advice how to accomplish this with mySql instead of property files.


      Finally, is V 5.4 is production ready? did anybody used it production environment?

      Thank you.


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          Task notifications are currently based on User Task Deadlines so you need to fill in details of the notification on task level (like you mentioned not-started, expires at, etc). Notify attribute is not bpmn2 attribute and there is no such custom extension either in jbpm 5.

          To map user/group names to email addresses use one of available out of the box implementation of UserInfo class that needs to be set on deadline handler class. See some details here.


          I believe 5.4 is production ready.



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            I am using jbpm 6.5. But I am getting error

            ERROR [org.jbpm.services.task.deadlines.notifications.impl.email.EmailNotificationListener] (pool-26-thread-1) Unable to send email notification due to No EMail address found for riskAgent1


            And I already have set riskAgent1's email address

            Screenshot from 2017-05-26 17-13-26.png