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    How to ensure seamless connection by remote client Infinispan  cluster

    munimanjunath kalapati Newbie



      Recently I am evaluating  infinispan  as remote data cache instead of  going  to db  for master tables.  I could successfully created   infinispan  cluster in domain mode.  

      As part of domain mode setup  I  see lot of processes  created on  master


      Master    -  ip


      Process controller

      Host controller




      Slave      -





      In above setup  if I need to connect to  cluster server   from remote java client  I could able to connect    using   which is hotrod protocol. 

      Only thing stopping me is  high availability aspect.  How do I ensure high availability  if the domain server crashed for unknown reason ?   server3 and server4  still are part of the cluster but my  client application is using   master ipaddress.   mod_cluster  setting in apache server is used for  http over ajp protocol  but I am not sure  how to create mod_cluster for hotrod protocol. 


      We have f5 loadbalancer   can  i setup a VIP  which points to both master and slave  ?   Is connection  from remote client to  data cache is stateful or stateless ?   If it is stateful  what kind of settings I need to use  like sticky session ? 


      Any insight  is really helpful.