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    Error in domain mode: jboss.jdbc-driver.mssql not installed




      Starting WildFly in domain mode gives error:



          "WFLYCTL0412: Required services that are not installed:" => ["jboss.jdbc-driver.mssql"],

          "WFLYCTL0180: Services with missing/unavailable dependencies" => [

              "org.wildfly.data-source.NVHDDS is missing [jboss.jdbc-driver.mssql]",

              "jboss.driver-demander.java:/NVHDDS is missing [jboss.jdbc-driver.mssql]"


      I don’t understand why since the jdb driver is installed in the system


      C:\Program Files\Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.0 for SQL Server\sqljdbc_6.0\enu\jre8



      Driver entry has been created in domain.xml


      Also there is a sqljdbc42.jar and modules.xml  in :





      I think all information is provided. Why then, do I get an error while starting domain.bat