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    Using Errai in J2EE EAR application


      Hi - couple of general very non-specific questions:


      1) I am looking at using Errai in a EAR based application, with ear, war and ejb sub-modules. All the Errai examples I have seen are WAR only. Does Errai work in this kind of modular setup?

      2) I am attempting to add Errai to a small sample WildFly10 application I have, but I am seeing conflicts between errai-bom and existing wildfly-bom. How should this be handled?


      Thanks, Tom

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          Hi Tom,


          For (1), we don't have any working examples using Errai in an ear. This might be a problem for Errai marshalling. The marshaller has to reference all the portable types in a single class, so I'm not sure where you could put this class such that it could be loaded properly, particularly if you had portable types spread across several WAR files in a single EAR.


          For (2), I know we have a different version of JAX-RS which has to do with GWT compatibility (but we are currently working on upgrading this). But what other versions differences have you found? In general, anything that is provided by WildFly, you are probably safe to use the WildFly version and override the version in errai-bom.