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    CDI error when attempting to create scaffold.


      Hi all


      I recently discovered this amazing tool Forge. Thanks to everybody involved in making it.I downloaded the latest version 3.7.2 and added the forge executable to my path.


      All works very well apart from when I:

      1. Want to setup JSF to use version 2.2, pressing tab after entering faces-setup yields no options at all. I would have hoped that it had an option like '--version' which could be set to 2.2 or 2.0 depending on the current code base requirement.
      2. When I run 'scaffold-setup --provider Faces' I get the following message:

           [edsnext]$ scaffold-setup --provider Faces

           ***ERROR*** Could not install CDI.

           ***SUCCESS*** Scaffold was setup successfully.

        3. Running 'cdi-setup' gives exactly the same error.


      What do I need to do to remedy this please?