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    github project for errai spring server side integration


      Hi all


      Since I really like Errai a lot and I am in the middle of making the difficult choice of using CDI vs Spring on the server side, I have created an Apache 2 licensed Github project to share the errai spring integration code I have put together.


      I hope Errai will be around for a while and that an effort into making it play well with Spring could help give it more traction.


      The main project can be found here along with a maven repository on bintray (not on jcenter yet):



      There is also a spring boot sample project which illustrates using the Errai MessageBus with Spring managed and wired service objects as well as a simple Errai AuthenticationService that delegates to Spring security:



      The following forum posts were instrumental in getting it to where it is now, so thanks to the participants:

      CDIExtensionPoints startupCallback vs RPC

      AuthenticationService with Spring Framework

      Errai 2.2.0.Final + Spring (RCP service example)


      I am not an expert in CDI's Extension mechanism (Of which the Errai code was instrumental in the implementation) or Spring bean post processors, but it is working well enough in my sample cases so far.