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    BPEL Console Issues - Not Able to Run


      Hi guys.


      I want to run a PoC using BPEL+Drools/BRMS, but I'm not able to run BPEL Console.


      I already figured out that there's a dependency issue on the BPEL Console war file. I've already forked the Switchyard project and I'm trying to create a build with a BPEL Console war file that don't have this issue.


      I also have had upgraded the Overlord libs to 2.0.11, since in the company I'm working now, the production environment is based on JBoss EAP 6.4, and in order to run the Switchyard BPEL Console installer, this was a necessary step.


      But supossing that this PoC was approved, I'm affraid that an inhouse build of Swithyard will not be approved by the Architect Group Experts.


      So, my quesion is: there's a prediction of when, if when, an official maintenance release of 2.1 that will fix this issue?




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          Hello guys,


          Replying myself after some investigation.


          I found that for Switchyard release 2.0 the BPEL Console version used was 2.4.8 (SY 2.1 uses 2.4.6), which don't have overlord and picketlink dependencies. Also, in there has a message that inform to create a user on JBoss EAP. This seems to work fine with SY 2.1.


          But I also tried to migrate BPEL Console to overlord 2.0.13. After some time, I stopped on this issue when trying to start the server:


          Caused by: LifecycleException:  no protocol: /overlord-idp/

          at org.picketlink.identity.federation.bindings.tomcat.sp.AbstractSPFormAuthenticator.initKeyProvider(AbstractSPFormAuthenticator.java:253) [picketlink-jbas7-2.5.4.SP4-redhat-1.jar:2.5.4.SP4-redhat-1]

          at org.picketlink.identity.federation.bindings.tomcat.sp.BaseFormAuthenticator.startPicketLink(BaseFormAuthenticator.java:656) [picketlink-jbas7-2.5.4.SP4-redhat-1.jar:2.5.4.SP4-redhat-1]


          BPEL Console server start without problem.


          Also, everything seems to be ok regarding overlord 2.0.13 instalation.


          Any suggestions here?


          Thanks in advance.

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            I'm afraid to say that SwitchYard will be no longer maintained. There will be no more official releases.


            In the spirit of Open Source, it's welcome to fork it and maintain your own branch. Maybe it's also possible that you contact to Tom Cunningham and get the maintainer rights of SY project if you are eager enough to do so.



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              Ow, ok. I'm not aware of this.


              In this case, there's a viable JBOSS replacement for SY?

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                Red Hat recommends Apache Camel, which can be deployed on Karaf, WildFly/EAP, and Spring Boot. For WildFly/EAP please see wildfly-camel subsystem - WildFly Camel User Guide  - for more info.

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                  Regarding the demise of SY. The main purpose to use SY was due BPEL. Also, SY offers a dev environment similar to Oracle SOA Suite. What is pretty cool, since you can create a create the bindings and processes in a visual way, and also you can use use Camel as a router to many BPEL processes in the same SY panel/project.

                  Also, BPEL is stateful, what fit in perfectly to the current project needs.

                  My question is: can camel provide the same functionalities of SY that I mentioned above?

                  Finally, what happens to SY that the project was abandoned?

                  Thanks in advance!!!