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    How does jsp-config development work?


      I'm trying to figure out how the development parameter for undertow's jsp-config works.


      I did a search for development in the Wildfly repository, and found where it loads the variable from the config, but not much else. I know with FindFirstChangeNotification, you can have it report to a thread that something in the directory was changed, and then update your cache like that. I don't know if Java has something similar. But we want to be able to use this in production, so in the event we need to update a JSP, we can just drop it in to the folder, and it will update.


      We don't want to redeploy the entire WAR for this, but we don't want to take a performance hit either checking the disk every time someone requests a JSP from an action for an updated version this. I also can't find jack on documentation for this attribute.