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    IdleRemover thread in Wildfly is removing ResourceAdapter connection


      I am facing an issue with Resource Adapter connection. ResourceAdaptor is deploying perfectly however after 45 mins IdleRemover is destroying the connection automatically.

      In my application I do not want IdleRemover to remove my ResourceAdaptor connection therefore I tried to configure minimum number of connections to be 5 but even with this IdleRemover is removing all the Idle connections. So, it looks it is ignoring the min-connection-pool configuration.


      Attaching my resource adapter configuration:


                      <resource-adapter id="myEAR.ear#rarFile.rar">






                              <connection-definition class-name="com.connector.myresourceadapter.MyManagedConnectionFactory" jndi-name="java:/eis/MyResourceAdapter" enabled="true" use-java-context="true" pool-name="MyResourceAdapter" use-ccm="true">


















      Is there a way to stop IdleRemover from removing ResourceAdapter Connection?

      Any help is appreciated.




      Adding a statistics for resource adapter which shows the configuration at runtime. As you can see min-connection-pool is '10', active-count is '5' and idle-count is also '5'. But when the IdleScanner runs it removes all the connections despite min-connection-pool is set to '10'.

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          1# Need to configure "idle-timeout-minutes": The idle-timeout-minutes elements indicates the maximum time in minutes a connection may be idle before being closed. The actual maximum time depends also on the IdleRemover scan time, which is 1/2 the smallest idle-timeout-minutes of any pool.


          This is idle connection exist time, JBoss default is 30 minutes . You need to specify as per your application requirement.




                           <idle-timeout-minutes>30</idle-timeout-minutes>  "JBoss default is 30 minutes"





          2# Set prefill to "true" so that the connections are created at startup.


          3#  You should enabled *use-fast-fail = true* (immediately get a new physical connection)


          use-fast-fail determines whether or not to continue to attempt to acquire a connection from the pool even if the nth attempt has failed. If false, JBoss will move onto the next connection in the pool after "allocation-retry" has been reached. If true, JBoss will assume that all connections in the pool are invalid after the first connection exceeds the "allocation-retry".



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            1# On my machine default "idle-timeout-minutes" is automatically set to 45 minutes as I can see that my connections are getting cleaned in 45 minutes automatically. However I do NOT want to clean my connection automatically by IdleRemover. I have a polling job running which is associated to that connection. It may be that I do not have anything to read on that connection for more than 45 minutes does not mean I want to clear those connection. What configuration I can do that IdleScanner do not scan my particular resource adapter pool and I will myself close the connection when I actually what to do that.


            2# Would prefill stop the idleRemover Thread from cleaning the Idle Connections? I think even with PreFill IdleRemover will remove Idle Connections which I do not want.


            3# As I said in point 1. my polling job has an associated Resource Adapter connection. If IdleRemover destroys/cleans the connection my polling job is also instructed to stop. Therefore, use-fast-fail flag will not resolve my issue as I would need to restart the polling job as well after acquiring a new connection.


            So, is there a way in wildfly to stop IdleRemover from scanning Resource Adapter connections or some configuration where Idle Timeout is never reached.

            Also, even if I am configuring min-connection-pool to '10' why wildfly server is removing the idle connections? Is this is some kind of a bug in Ironjacamar?


            NOTE: I have migrated the application from Jboss AS 6 server to Wildfly 10.1. IdleRemover on Jboss AS 6 was not removing the connection and the problem is only happening on Wildfly server.

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              Update: Got it working.


              To stop IdleRemover from cleaning up the Idle connections we need to configure timeout with '0' in resource-adapter subsystem configuration.