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    wildfly-config.xml example for EJB client


      Hi all,

      I'm looking for an example Elytron wildfly-config.xml file which can be used as replacement for my older jboss-ejb-client.properties.

      So far I've found one example configuration:

        <authentication-client xmlns="urn:elytron:1.0">
                  <rule use-configuration="default"/>
                  <configuration name="default">
                      <sasl-mechanism-selector selector="DIGEST-MD5"/>
                      <set-user-name name="joe"/>
                          <clear-password password="joeIsAwesome2013!"/>

      The problem with this is that I don't want to use a cleartext password, but the secret generated with add-user.sh or, as an alternative, just specify that the user needs to belong to a group. Is there any example configuration for it?





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          The configuration you are currently working on is how the client side process will authenticate as it connect to the server, this is not the place where you specify the role a user is required to be a member of as that would be define on the server side where the authorization constraints are applied.


          In this situation to avoid a plain text password in the wildfly-config.xml you would be looking at making use of a credential store to hold the password, my colleague is going to be looking at writing a small blog post that illustrates how a credential store can be used with the wildfly-config.xml for this purpose.

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            Thanks Darran. Ok I will be waiting for the blog post. I hope it's going to be advertised in the portal news.