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    Problem with font size in designer 3.1.7 on Mac

    Andy Rozman Newbie

      Hi !

      My company still uses this designer and I have one question. It might be actually relevant for all of the versions.


      I started developing on Mac (I was on Linux previously). And Viewer of processdefintion.xml (and also saved .jpg files), have very small fonts (for text in boxes), so anything I save on my computer is almost unreadable, when compared with processimage.jpg created by Linux or windows machines.


      Is there a setting (or something) that I can specify so that font will be correctly displayed. From where does information about size of fonts come from?


      I know that problems lies with Mac itself (font management here is a joke), but is there a way to counteract this problem , like setting fonts on swt or something like that?


      Thanks for the help,



      P.S.: I am marking this for all versions, because it could happen on any version of editor.