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    Jms Integration between two app in two jboss

    marcos pinto Newbie

      Hi guys, I need some guidance about integrate two system using JMS.  Lets say I have app1.ear is deployed into jboss1 and app2.ear is deployed into jboss2. Now I wanna send message from jboss1 to jboss2,  so a I configured a remote messagin with local pooled-connection-factory. I did this configuration based on remote-jms-messaging-with-hornetq    

      and worked. After that I setup jboss2 to send message to jboss1 so I did the same configuration but after jboss1 send  a couple of messages to jboss 2 and jboss 2 send a couple messages to jboss1,

      jboss1 die suddenly. It seems that my approach is wrong but I'vw searched all over the internet and could not find any cue. Someone could me gimme some tip?

      My target is exchange messages via JMS between two jboss in differents vms.

      Thanks in advanced