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    Tutorial: Eclipse




      I am new to jBPM and I am trying to learn.  I am going through the documentation.  I am trying the "10-Minute Tutorial using Eclipse".  I downloaded the zip file and ran "ant install.demo" and "ant start.demo"


      1) When I try to import the sample/evaluation, I get 21 errors.  Visually comparing what I have vs what is in the video, I don't have "jBPM Library".  Is that something I am supposed to add?  How?

      2) As part of the video, it shows creating a jBPM Project (File -> New -> jBPM project).  That option is not there in the instance of Eclipse started by "ant start.demo".

      I have tried this with 7.3.0-Final and 7.0.0-Final.






      Chris hubbard

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          I figured out how to work around these issues:

          1) install more plugins

          2) configure Installed jBPM Runtimes


          By default, "ant install.demo" (more specifically, the install.demo.eclipse) installs the following plugins into Eclipse:

          BPMN2 Modeler - Diagram Editor

          BPMN2 Modeler - jBPM Runtime Extension Feature


          This is not enough to enable the features to that are described in the Tutorial.  I installed all the tools from:

          http://downloads.jboss.org/jbpm/release/7.3.0.Final/updatesite/ (FYI, link in the documentation has not been updated, still shows 6.1.0).  It would be nice to know the mininum set!


          Doing this gave me the File -> New -> jBPM Project menu.


          While creating a new project, I had to add a jBPM Runtime.  Once I did this (and restarted Eclipse), then I was able to open sample/evaluation without errors.


          So, it looks like the install.demo.eclipse needs some work.



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            I am having another issue.  Now that I have all the plugins installed, when I try to open the diagram (Evaluation.bpmn), I get this error: