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    2 DC in same cluster. Web(Admin) console only comes up for one DC.




      We are using infinispan-9.1.1. Final.


      Following is my structure:


      - One DC in my PC.

      - One DC in my colleague's PC.


      I am starting both DC's by running domain.bat. And since both the DCs are in same network they are going to be in same cluster as both the DC has same configurations too.


      WHY 2 DC?


      We are creating a structure where we have 2 DCs actively running and both will have some host configured for them. In such cases where one of the DCs go down we have mentioned other DC as backup. So lets say, if DC in my PC goes down then all the hosts which were earlier connected to this DC will now try and connect to other DC in my colleague's PC so we are providing fail-over for the DC.


      Here the issue is that only one web(Admin) console comes up(For the DC that starts first) and when we start second DC, web console for the second DC does not come up however second DC starts successfully as I can see in the logs the cluster view and also re-balancing of caches.  

      When I inspected the issue for second DC in chrome,it says following:



          "outcome" : "failed",

          "failure-description" : "WFLYCTL0030: No resource definition is registered for address [\n    (\"host\" => \"JBOSS1IND1\"),\n    (\"server\" => \"server-one\"),\n    (\"subsystem\" => \"datagrid-infinispan\"),\n    (\"cache-container\" => \"clustered\")\n]",

          "rolled-back" : true



      Following is the request payload which is giving above 500 internal server error:


            1. address:["host", "JBOSS1IND1", "server", "server-one", "subsystem", "datagrid-infinispan", "cache-container",…]
              1. 0:"host"
              2. 1:"JBOSS1IND1"
              3. 2:"server"
              4. 3:"server-one"
              5. 4:"subsystem"
              6. 5:"datagrid-infinispan"
              7. 6:"cache-container"
              8. 7:"clustered"
            2. name:"sites-online"
            3. operation:"read-attribute"




      Can you please help us here? We are stuck and need immediate help. And also, can you help in suggesting how should we solve the issue of DC fail over if above mentioned way is not correct?


      I am attaching my domain.xml here which is same for both the DCs.


      Please reply ASAP