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    Remoting  config-based-ejb-client-endpoint threads remain after context.close()

    Matthew Harrison Newbie

      ( Wildfly 10.1.0.Final, Windows 10 )




      we have a client app framework which launches component apps, loading their classes dynamically.

      One of these apps uses EJBs and I've just updated from JBoss 4 to Wildfly 10.1.0.Final.


      It runs nicely, the ejbs get looked up (not using Scoped EJB client contexts), and ejb calls work.


      When the app closes, initialContext.close() is called, and 2 or 3 threads close, but about 18 threads hang around

      (Remoting  "config-based-ejb-client-endpoint" I/O-1, Accept, task-1 ...task-16 ) which is a show stopper.


      I've replicated this behaviour using a modified quickstart ejb-remote/client project, and the context and remote beans eventually get GC'd


      These worker threads eventually get shutdown when the main app closes, it looks like by a VM shutdown hook.


      I couldn't get Scoped EJB client contexts to work, which is a separate issue, but I shouldn't need to, should I?


      I've tried adding KEEP_ALIVE options to jboss-ejb-client.properties, to no avail:





      I really need to be able to shut these threads down when the component app closes.

      (As the component app launches with a new classloader each time, we get 18 threads created each time)


      Many thanks for any help.