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    Start current Infinispan 9.1.4 as a linux service

    Alexander Diedler Newbie

      Hello, I am new to Infinispan. I setup a distributed cache cluster via HotRod and can start the node with console command standalone.sh -c clustered.xml

      I know the similar question Re: Jboss 7 service under linux (ubuntu)   but I found the scripts etc changes in the meantime.

      With the provided /bin/init.d/infinispan-server.sh script, I didn´t get it to run as a service. I run the script as it is with "./infinispan-server.sh start" but the script assume a different place where I have placed my files.

      I change everything to point to my custom location, but then I have a lot of issues with security I think Message:  "Starting infinispan-server: runuser: may not be used by non-root users"

      I use the login user myTest, the user have full rights of the folder and subfolder infinispan.


      Can somebody help me to setup an auto-start infinispan-server