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    Urgent: Deployment problem

    Ricardo Coutinho Newbie

      Hi all,

      A strange problem has suddenly appeared in our JBoss environment last Friday. When I redeploy a jar JBoss is not recognising the new jar. I have this problem even if I remove the jar first and then deploy it. The only workaround that I have found this is:
      1 stopping JBoss
      2 deleting all deployment jars
      3 deleting the contents of the db/sessions directory
      4 redeploying the jars
      5 starting up JBoss.

      As you can imagine this is not the best solution for a development environment. Please help as this is really holding up development!!

      I am running JBoss 2.4.4 with jdk 1.4.0


      Ricardo Coutinho

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You'll have to post a bit more information.
          Do you have any errors in the logs?

          Somebody was having a similar problem with
          redhat linux last month. When he eventually
          tracked it down it was due an external jndi
          context hanging which blocked the deployer during
          jndi operations.

          He reported the delayed deployment was only "temporary",
          i.e. it eventually deployed after about 20 mins.
          I assume this was some sort of timeout on the external