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    Docker variables in JBoss

    Isa B Newbie

      Hi All


      I am currently working on containerising our JBoss application. I have managed to successfully create a working JBoss Application container,however I have hard coded many of configs like Datasource ip/user/password as well as system properties.


      My Dockerfile has basically the following steps:

      1. From Centos
      2. Download and extract EAP and JAVA
      3. Copy a configuration.sh script and execute it
        1. This script starts jboss, runs a few cli to configure Datasources etc and stops JBoss
      4. Lastly Start JBoss


      If I want to move my code to another environment DEV -> UAT as an example. I would need to change or create a new configuration script that has the new Datasource URL/User/Password etc. This would mean I would have a different container for each environment.


      My question is:


      Is it possible to use some sort of variable for config within standalone.xml