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    Wildfly 11 and java 9 application (module-info or not)


      Hello everyone,


      I have a EAR that work great under Wildfly 11 and Java 8.

      I'm working to move all that to Java 9, and I finally got the client application to compile and work.


      I do have a maven project with j2ee code (jms, ejb, etc), and I'm wondering how to make it compile

      under Java 9.


      RIght now I'm trying I've added a (open) module-info.java to the project, but j2ee auto module names

      are not to be resolved ( requires jboss.ejb.api; )


      Can this work as of now ? Should I try to not have that EAR as a java 9 module ?


      I'm kind of stuck and I haven't found sample projects/pom.xml for WildFly and Java 9.