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    Scheduled cron routes Fuse 6.3


      Hello everyone.


      I am trying to create the next following cron using Spring and I see that it has an anomalous behavior since from the FMC it doesn´t let me stop the scheduled task:

      scheduler=spring&scheduler.cron=0 0/5 0-1,3-23 * * ?


      However by implementing quartz2 I can stop the scheduled task.

      scheduler=quartz2&scheduler.cron=0 0/5 0-1,3-23 * * ?


      What could be the reason it doesn´t work in Spring? Is there any additional parameters to make it work? Are you deprecate for the Camel version of Fuse 6.3?


      Apache Camel 2.12 - Even easier cron scheduled routes | Planet JBoss Developer


      King regards.