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    Cluster listeners Management

    nishant ranjan Newbie

      Hello Infinispan Gurus,



      I am using server-client cluster model on Infinispan and I have query regarding clustered listener management.

      I have multiple caches and for each cache I have one producer and multiple listeners.


      Now, I want that for cache events only one of the listener receives message in the sequence they have joined the listening event.



      Cache A has 3 listener AL, BL & CL

      1. for message 1 on cache A, AL should be invoked.

      2. for message 2 on cache A, BL should be invoked.

      3. for message 3 on cache A, CL should be invoked.

      4. for message 4 on cache A, AL should be invoked.


      In FIFO manner.


      Query: Does Infinispan provides any service to support above kind-off functionality or whats the best way to achieve above ?

      Looking forward for your help.