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    Deploying to wildfly docker using wildfly-maven-plugin

    Bart Krul Newbie

      I know you can deploy a war to a wildfly container by specifying it in the dockerfile.
      I was wondering however if it's possible to use the wildfly-maven-plugin to deploy a .war file to the wildfly docker image.

      I have used the plugin to deploy the .war file to my local wildfly server by running mvn wildfly:deploy.
      However, when I try to deploy to my wildfly docker file, I get an error that I'm not sure how to solve.

      I'm able to connect to the wildfly admin panel just fine.
      I mapped the admin panel (9990) to localhost:9991, the password and username are the default provided docker ones.

      The error is:
      Failed to execute goal deploy: {"WFLYCTL0062: Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-1" => {"WFLYCTL0412: Required services that are not installed:"

      And then it proceeds to list what seems to be everything that is in the war file. (also classes).
      I'll post the first line, but the message includes so much files it's not realistic nor helpful to post them here.


      The plugin should be able to deploy on remote servers, so I figured it's also possible to deploy to a docker container this way, but I don't really understand the error.