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    JBOSS 6.4 EAP - performance improvisation


      Hi All ,

      I am new to this Jboss environment and working on JBOSS 6.4 EAP on which our Identity minder application is deployed .Most of the times the task are stuck in in-progress state and message added count keeps increasing and the tasks don't get the resource for processing quickly .The only option left is restarting jboss to clear the message queue and then the tasks are easily processed.Is there any way out to improvise or tune some properties of jboss so that this halting of tasks can be prevented and the task flow can be smoothened up ? Moreover our jboss is in cluster and at times when issue is encountered one or both of the servers face high CPU utilisation approaching nearly 800+% .Please suggest is there any way to tune the servers in the cluster mode.


      It would be a great help if anyone could provide an insight on the aforesaid.



      Tanu Mishra