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    wildfly 11 and 12 break down after request to browser

    Sergey Zimovets Newbie

      I run Wildfly (try 11 and 12 version) and deploy war in Intellij IDEA. After first request to browser server break down with exception (and exeption repeat and repeat until i stop it) -

      ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-4) UT005023: Exception handling request to /: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: UT000173: An invalid control character [1093] was present in the cookie value or attribute

      I tried clear cookies in browser (in my case i tried and chrome and opera) it didn't help.

      My friends work with the same code and same server and everithing OK, It occures just on my computer. (windows 7)

      I have no idea what i suppose to do!!!!