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    Cache-level notification is happened only based on number of owner??


      Dear sir,

                we are using infinispan(8.1.0) in our java applications for failover. Distributed type of cache is used  to store  the state. We have a  java application "server-1"  that is supposed to received message from outside  and put it into the cacheA which zero capacity cache(no of owner is 2) and server2 have listener for it, have to get that process that message. here problem is,consider,We have one node of server-1, and there node of server-2. now whenever server-1 node put message into cacheA, only two server-2 node get notification all the time .because  owner of  cacheA  is 2??? if it is working like that, how to make notification to all node  "server-2"?? please help me