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    mod_cluster + Jboss AS - configuration - How to secure ever processing a request a single time


      Hi folks!


      I'm really very novice in both mod_cluster and Jboss AS. I've worked with "similar" technologies in my job (e.g. apache, mod_wl and weblogic) but I'm planning to face a few personal projects and I want to use JBoss for them.


      I want to configure mod_cluster (and JBoss) for failover and load balancing but I need to avoid a request being retried on a second AS node when said request's processing fails in a first node whatever be the reason (timeout, etc.).

      That is, I need to avoid requests being processed more than one time at all cost.


      I've read all documentation and forum's posts I've found but I'm not being able to find how I should configure mod_cluster & Jboss for that purpose.


      Could somebody point me to the right direction?


      I'm interested in using both "mod_cluster subsystem" solution and "non-clustered mode" one.


      JBoss version: 1.7

      mod_cluster version 1.3


      Thank you very much in advance


      Best regards.