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    how to export metadata via  keycloak

    Vandana Thota Novice

      We have wildfly 11 final  and  three stnadlaone insatnces  on it  .


      We have  okta as IDP  and in our case which needs to becosnider as service provider is that keycloak or wildfly ?


      also  how can we export metadata  via keycloak and  give it to  OKTA team  and OKTA team will gives  us  data  to import on keycloak we will import it  .


      I wanna  know the process  like


      1)what pre reuiref things need  to be configured on keycloak adn wildfly  before  exporting metadata


      2) how  to export meta  data via keycloak


      3) what needs  to be  done  bw 1) exporting metadata  , gving that meta data to okta team  and okta team gives  us more  metadata and we  will 2) import that data what ever recived by okta team. so what needs  to be done  beetween  those  steps


      Between "Expoting metadata and importing metdata"