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    WildFly 13 security configuration

    Yevheniy Hrushko Newbie

      Hello folks,


      The news says that WildFly 13 supports JEE Security 1.0 in the preview mode. So I am trying to configure a servlet 4.0 with basic auth mechanism and then modify it to my needs. Everything works with web.xml but not with annotations.

      I have enabled JEE8 preview mode on my WildFly13 and wrote the code:


      @ServletSecurity(@HttpConstraint(rolesAllowed = "user"))


      @WebServlet(urlPatterns = "/user")

      public class Servlet extends HttpServlet {


         protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws ServletException, IOException {

             resp.getOutputStream().print("Hello from servlet");




      This code successfully secure the servlet but authentication mechanism does not work. I tried to change it to @FormAuthenticationMechanismDefinition and even wrote custom implementation of HttpAuthenticationMechanism with no luck.


      Am I missed something? Should I make any other configurations?


      Thanks in advance,