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    Wildfly 10.1.0 final - concurrent requests problem!




      I have a java 8 application on Wildfly 10 running. Under 80 concurrent requests it's no problem, but if I set my scanner on 120 connections, then I get some problems...

      I have size-rotating-file-handler 10M with max-backup-index 30. At the beginning, 3-4 log-files are written every Minute, but after 13-15 logs the server freezes for ~17-19 minutes (no log will be written and the server dont send any response).

      After the freezing time, wildfly is very slow with request handling. Also, it's seen in the log-files, one log file needs 6-10 Minutes to be written.


      Any  have ideas which property I have to increment or to edit?


      With best regards