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    WildFly Elytron, how to create security realm with user/password in Credential Store

    Mark Evans Newbie

      Using Elytron, I would like to secure my datasources with a security domain that gets the user/login from a security realm.  I find several security realms (filesystem-realm, jdbc-realm, identity-realm, etc.) but I can't find one in which I can simply drop in a credential reference.  How do I create a realm that simply contains a credential reference?


      For example, I can create a datasource with security like:




                              <credential-reference store="my-credential-store" alias="my-db-pw"/>



      How do I create a realm with similar?

      (The reason I don't want to simply add the above <security> tag to my datasource is that I have several datasources and I'd like to not repeat the user/credential-reference throughout all datasource definitions.)