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    JBoss 2.4.4 ejb classpath



      I've deployed an ear file which consists of an ejb jar and an utility jar. In manifest file of ejb jar the classpath is set to the utility jar.
      While deploying, a message appears that told me the utility jar is added to common classpath.
      But when i'm testing the beans, i get an ClassNotFoundException for a class located in the utility jar.
      Printing the classpath via
      System.getProperties("java.class.path","."), shows that the utility jar is not in this classpath.

      How can i solve this?


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          I think the manifest can only refer to jars inside the
          ejb jar.

          java.class.path is for the VM, each application adds
          extra classloaders on top of this core.

          The simplest solution is to add your jar to lib/ext
          If you don't like this, add a ClassPathExtension to