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    Wildfly 10.1.0 installer script/add-users.sh issues


      Hello there,

      General Kenobi


      I am creating a script that fully automatically installs java and wildfly to machines, for now everything is working except the part where i add realm users to wildfly

      Users are added and enabled, but for some reason i can not acess the managment interface with the password

      To make it clear, all variables (wildflyver and, management_pass and application_pass) are correctly read and if I echo them they show correct strings


      I add users like this:

      /opt/wildfly/${wildflyver}/bin/add-user.sh admin $management_pass -e -s

      /opt/wildfly/${wildflyver}/bin/add-user.sh -a admin $application_pass -e -s


      I tried hardcoding they wildfly ver and pass and it still didnt work (ex. /opt/wildfly/wildfly-10.1.0.Final/bin/add-user.sh admin admin -e -s )

      Funny part is, if I take those exact lines (replace the variables with text) and put them in the console manually, I can log on to the managment interface....
      I really have no idea what more to try, anyone know what I'm doing wrong?