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    How to get Resource property from Process in JBPM 7.3

    Inis Bali Newbie

      Hi . I am trying to visualize the process instance using bpmn.io javascript library. bpmn.io library requires only the xml content of the process in a String format. What i am doing is :


      - Get the ProcessInstance for a speciffic id from the ProcessService

      - Get Process property from the process instance

      -Get Resource property from process


      Resource resource = null;
      ProcessInstance processInstance = processService.getProcessInstance(processInstanceId);
      if (processInstance != null) {
      .info("Process instance is not null!");
      Process process = processInstance.getProcess();
      = process.getResource();


      When trying to get the process the following exception is thrown :


      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Process instance 22[de.process.seed] is disconnected.

      Can someone help me please?