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      Hi All

      Can anyone tell me for newer version of JBOSS EAP 7.2 beta or WIDLFY 14 , what is the way to get the JSON output format . I know that for older version this link can be used  Advanced CLI scripting with Groovy, Rhino, Jython, etc. .

      But since the JSON output format is now supported in EAP 7.2 beta and wildfly14  , what is the method to get the JSON format . I am remotely accessing the JBOSS server . Please note locally I get the JSON format by setting the jboss-cli.xml file , but remotely I am still getting the DMR output . Do any of you know the exact function I need to call to get o/p in JSON format in jython ??


      For older version :

      result = cli.cmd("<YOUR CLI COMMAND>")

      response = result.getResponse()

      print response    #this prints reponse in DMR format (DEFAULT)


      For newer version ??