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    Remote artemis failover configuration

    Julian Rubin Newbie



      Is it possible to create managed pooled connection factory in standalone.xml? I evaluate Wildfly 14.0.1.Final. I'm using Artemis 2.6.3. I've verified artemis is configured properly via artemis producer tool. I'd like to have pooled connection factory in wildfly corresponding to following URI:


      (tcp://master:61616, tcp://slave:61616)?ha=true


      I thought I can do it with following code:


      <remote-connector name="remote-artemis-master" socket-binding="remote-artemis-master" />
      <remote-connector name="remote-artemis-slave" socket-binding="remote-artemis-slave" />

         connectors="remote-artemis-master remote-artemis-slave"
         entries="java:/JmsXA java:jboss/DefaultJMSConnectionFactory"
         password="password"  />


      It kinda work. After 30 seconds after artemis master is stopped Wildfly connects to slave. Questions:

      1. Where is it 30 seconds come from?

      2. Is it possible to mirror above URI in wildfly xml?

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          Julian Rubin Newbie

          1. It comes from initial-replication-sync-timeout parameter specified in slave broker. It's default value is 30000 millis and if master broker goes down it waits this period.

          I'm no longer sure this is an issue.

          2. It is possible via specifying multiple remote connectors and putting their names in connectors attribute of pooled connection factory.