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    Using remote Artemis with Wildfly 10




      We are using wildfly 10 and we want to use remote Artemis(standalone). I checked few documentation and found that Artemis is also inbuilt in Wildfly 10 and I also configured it successfully to send and receive messages.


      But as per our requirement, we want to use a remote Artemis server so that it can be used as a centralized server and will be best suited in our enterprise requirement. Even I also want to understand the exact difference in using inbuilt Artemis  and a remote Artemis but could not find enough information about it. If anyone is having any idea about it, please explain it.


      I think there are three approaches to implement remote Artemis.


      1. Use the inbuilt Artemis as a standalone server. I mean if we will install this wildfly 10 in a separate server and if we can use that only for integration purpose and use that Artemis to connect with our Java application running on separate servers.

      2. Install AMQ Artemis broker 7.2 as separate broker and connect it from the java application deployed on Wildfly 10. I checked redHat documentation and one point bothered me about this implementation as RedHat claims "Currently AMQ 7.2 is only supported as a stand-alone broker. It has not be certified with EAP 7.0 or earlier. It is planned to be tested both as the internal broker of EAP 7.1 and as an external broker with EAP."

      3. Install Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.4 and integrate it from the application deployed in Wildfly 10.


      I tried to get this information but as of now there is not much information available on internet for Artemis. It will be a great help if someone can explain the differences in above approaches.




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          Hi Vilay,


          between 2. and 3. there is not much difference as AMQ 7.2 is based on Artemis 2.6. For option 2. and 3. I strongly recommend to use Wildfly 14 instead of Wildfly10 because Wildfly 14 has also integrated Artemis 2.6 (it's the same version as in AMQ 7.2.1) and thus you will use correct client jars and avoid any possible incompatibilities between artemis versions. afaik Wildfly 10 has integrated Artemis 1.1.0 which is really old version and in case that you use Artemis 2.6 as remote broker then Artemis 1.1.0 client will hit some incompatibilities. There were big changes in addressing of queues/topics in Artemis 2.x which causes issues when older artemis 1.x clients are used.


          If you cannot migrate to Wildfly 14 then I would recommend to go with option 1. Use another Wildfly 10 just as remote JMS broker instance.

          If you can migrate your app to Wildfly 14 then use AMQ 7.2.1 or of course another Wildfly 14.