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    Wildfly 14.01 JSP EL not working with constants


      I have faced pretty similar bug that was in Wildfly 10 (Java EE 7 + EL 3.0 + Wildfly 10 - returns empty string on constant ). JSP constans are working with WLF 10.1 but not in WLF14/14.01. I created a simple test project for this: GitHub - elbitoy/jsptest



      In the test project I have simple index.jsp file where I use some constants:

      When I run the page for the first time things are getting weird. Only first custom constant is evaluated:

      If I hit refresh for the page even the java.lang.* constants stop working

      Has any others faced similar problem? I tried to look from known WLF bugs for the issue but could not find any. Currently this is preventing us for upgrading WLF from 10.1 to 14.01. I have not managed to create any workaround for the issue. Any help for this is more than welcome