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    Single deploy Arquillian




      I have been working with Arquillian in a project for months now. Recently we upgraded the project to use thorntail along with it and moved to the newest Arquillian version, 1.4.0.Final. But since the very start of the project, I had an issue I have been pushing out of my sight due to schedules. It's a test related issue that I could not find an answer to it, even after I researched the updated versions.

      I want to know if there's a way to make a single deploy for Arquillian, maybe attached to a JUnit Suite, or some other form of 'coupling' class tests that I could use (preferably JUnit Suite), that of course does not include me dealing with Arquillian outside the test JVM. Is there a solution for that? In case there is not, is it in the project road map?

      The reason I'm asking this for is that we have several classes for specific endpoints (We could have structured out project in a different way but that was the accorded way the project should go on) and our tests are taking several minutes to run because every single class deploys and kills Arquillian along with their test life-cycle and it really takes too long. I looked around for alternatives, for solutions on this matter and all I could find was an old extension someone developed for Arquillian back at 2013 that is not compatible with the current Arquillian version (obviously).

      Can someone enlighten me on this matter?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Its been a while we want to move away from existing Cactus tests for one of our Legacy application. Have been trying to see what you mentioned is possible with Arquillian. Going through all that arquillain docs and discussions, the Arquillian team never seems to be interested about non-modularized applications (i.e. not so cleanly separated modularized application : legacy). There is not much positive hints from any of the developers too.


          On a personal note, i feel disheartened that Arquillian doesnt allow test-already-deployed-application. May be will have  to dig deep to make a custom made solution.