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    Deprecation of txframework from WildFly modules


      Hi guys,


      I would like check with you if somebody has some notes or objection on idea of deprecation of txframework from WildFly with possibility of removing it completely in some future version.

      The txframework (narayana/txframework at master · jbosstm/narayana · GitHub ) was deprecated from Narayana codebase at start of year 2015. It's functionality was completely replaced by compensations framework. The integration to WildFly was never been done completely as there is missing the part with recovery ([JBTM-1107] Recovery Support in Compensation API - JBoss Issue Tracker) - for txframework and for compensations as well.

      I expect the txframework can be used really for some proof-of-concepts but hardly for production. From that I think as txframework is deprecated in Narayana, not fully integrated in WildFly, functionality was completely replaced with compensations framework then the txframework is not needed to be maintained as dependency in WildFly.